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Emanuel Feuermann 2022


    I would like to take part in Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann (Germany) from 15 to 22 November 2022

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    First round

    Recordings must be uncut and may not be more than one year old.

    1. Johann Sebastian Bach: Prelude, Sarabande from Bach Suite No 4 or No 6

    2. Franz Schubert: Sonata for arpeggione and piano in A minor D 821, 1st movement

    3. Richard Strauss: from Don Quixote Op 35, Finale (with piano)

    4. Julius Klengel: Scherzo for cello and piano Op 6

    Second round

    1. Jörg Widmann (commissioned work)

    This work has been specially composed for the competition. Applicants will receive the
    sheet music two months before the start of the competition.

    2. Ludwig van Beethoven: a sonata for piano and violoncello (Op 5 No 1 or No 2, Op 69, Op 102 No 1 or No 2)
    a variation for piano and violoncello (Op 66, WoO 45, WoO 46)
    (All movements are to be performed without repeats)

    3. One or more works of the competitor’s choice. Individual movements also permitted. No works from the first round.

    A total of 50 minutes are available for performance of the work by Beethoven and the work(s) of the competitor’s choice.

    Third round

    1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: from the Divertimento for String Trio KV 563, 1st and 2nd movements

    2. Please choose one of the following concertos:

    Fourth round

    Please choose one of the following concertos:


    Copy of passport

    Artistic curriculum vitae in German or English (PDF)

    High-resolution photograph (minimum size: 1000 x 1500 px, 300 dpi)

    Please label the files you send to us with your name.

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