Born in 2000, Italian cellist Luca Giovannini studied cello with Luca Simoncini at the Francesco Venezze Conservatory in his hometown of Rovigo and has participated in the Classe d’Excellence de Violoncelle with Gauthier Capuçon. Masterclasses with David Geringas, Lynn Harrel, Enrico Dindo and Marti Roussi have provided him with further experience and inspiration.

Since 2011, Giovannini has played his way to victory in many national and international competitions, including winning first prize in the International Johannes Brahms Competition, the Grand Prize Virtuoso in Salzburg, the Rising Stars Grand Prix in Berlin, Crescendo International Music Competition in Florence, the Città di Riccione, Città di Forlì, Città di Piove di Sacco and Città di Giussano music competitions, T.I.M. Paris, the IBLA Grand Prize in Ragusa,  “Maura Giorgetti” organized by the Filarmonica della Scala in Milan, the Antonio Janigro International Cello Competition in Croatia, Zinetti International Music Competition in Sanguinetto, the Castel San Giovanni, the Grand Prix of the London International Music Competition and third prize in the Alice & Eleonora Schoenfeld International String Competition in Harbin.

He has performed in many venues, among them the Museo Casa Barezzi in Busseto, Berliner Philharmonie, Salzburg’s Mozarteum, Harbin Opera House (China), Salone dei Cinquecento in Florence, Villa Houck in Switzerland, Sala Maffeiana in Verona, “La Rotonda” church in Rovigo, Auditorium R.L. Montalcini in Riccione, the Sale Apollinee of Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Argenta in North Little Rock Arkansas, New York’s Carnegie Hall, the Hall of Nuns in Milan and Teatro Alighieri in Ravenna.

Luca Giovannini plays a cello by Ansaldo Poggi dating from 1927, which is loaned to him by Mario Brunello.

He has begun his studies at Kronberg Academy in October 2019 with Frans Helmerson. These studies are funded by the Angela Winkler Scholarship.